Is Fram Titanium Oil Filter Good?

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is fram titanium oil filter good

Is Fram titanium oil filter good? Users question the quality of products before use; it’s a legit concern. The Fram oil filters are good due to their maximum filtration efficiency and proven protection even for longer oil change intervals. These oil filters last about 20000 miles, showing its efficiency.

Fram titanium is optimized ideally for synthetic oil. Still, its dual layer allows it to be used for all motor oils. Indeed, it has its advantages and disadvantages, read on to find out.

Features of Fram Titanium Oil Filter


There is a concern about what makes it stand out among the other oil filters. Check out those distinct features.

1. Performance and Efficiency

Fram titanium performs with the dual layer of synthetic media, and it helps to trap over 99% of the dirt particles, which are larger than 20 Microns, from the engine. This trapping efficiency makes it work more smoothly without any corrosion or residue.

Fram Oil filter provides protection up to 20K miles, making the engine work smoothly.

Regarding the high mileage filters, Fram High Mileage performs up to 75K miles with proper viscosity and neutralizing acids.

However, there is also a rigid screen mechanism within it, which resists the higher pressure and makes the spacing for the smooth oil flow.

Which, in return, helps to cause an increased oil flow within the engine and maximizes its performance.

2. Filtration Technology

There is an optimized threaded plate that has inlet holes in the Fram oil filters and provides the controlled oil flow within the system for cleaning purposes.

However, regarding the filtration technology of the brand, some of its users are not entirely satisfied.

Fram oil filters are considered to have a thin filtration system that doesn’t last for a more extended period. However, this filtration media, also named the paper towel media layer, works, but its longevity is questionable.

3. Durability and Longevity

Fram Titanium Oil Filters come with a longevity range of 20,000 miles, around 32,000 Kilometers.

However, the significant feature of these oil filters is that they can withstand pressure and are durable for a more extended period till the maximum duration of up to 10K of the oil change interval.

4. Pros and Cons of Fram Titanium Oil Filter

Let’s read out the pros and cons of the Fram Titanium Oil filter and choose accordingly.

  • Fram Oil filters with a non-slippy and rough textured surface make the installation and removal process smooth and easy.
  • Its anti-drain back valve protects the maximum heated oil resistance up to 3X.
  • It needs fewer oil change intervals and can provide efficient driving from 3k to 10k between the oil changes.
  • The outside gasket seal of the frame titanium has been covered with natural rubber rather than silicon, which is ineffective for proper functioning.
  • Steel stamp pieces for the poppet valve make it unsuitable for colder temperatures.
  • There is a possibility that the material used in the Filter flakes out inside the gasket after some usage.
  • One thing that puts it off is its not very good threading plate, which fills the interior of the gasket with metal shavers.
  • Available at a high price

Is the Fram Titanium Oil Filter Worth It?

Considering the Fram Titanium oil filter review, the debate on whether it is worth it goes a long way among the users.

However, after trying to combat all the responses, there is a consensus that it is not worth the cost.

Usage of the material, machining system, and the horrible coating make it a poor choice. However, considering its limited features and the high cost, it doesn’t sit right.

After the oil filter testing, it was revealed by some users that the oil bypass system was not efficiently covered.

Moreover, some Quora users pay attention to its name and conclude that titanium is just a “Premium Feature name.”, nothing else.

Some other Quora users call its titanium name usage a “gimmick” or “ marketing tactic” by the Fram.

Users are concerned that adding the Fram Titanmiun oil filter adds no value to the engine performance.


is Fram titanium oil filter good? Considering all the features and pros and cons, hopefully, you have decided for yourself whether it’s the suitable choice for your vehicle.

If your vehicle engine and the expert call for a Fram titanium oil filter, go for it without a second thought. Many people use the same oil filter and don’t have any complaints or concerns about it.

Everyone has different car requirements and different opinions. Make your decision according to your needs.

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