Kroil vs PB Blaster: Which Rust Penetrant is Better?

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Oil penetration is a must and usual practice for the smooth and efficient functioning of the components. You must choose quality penetrative oil to loosen the rust and corrosive parts.

Kroil vs Pb blaster are reputed as the best penetrating oils with specific characteristics. Both oils are efficient in protecting the parts from rust and corroding. They are recommended for their penetration, lubrication, resistance abilities, and cleaning powers.

However, both are highly effective for protecting materials like slides, gears, pulleys, bearings, rubber, and gate valves.

Specification Kroil Pb Blaster
Smell ● Pretty pleasant

● Bearable and mild smell

● Uncomfortable and strong

● Long-lasting

Penetration Time ● Around 15 mins to 1 hour ● Around 1 to 3 hours
Types ● Kroil Original Penetrant

● Kroil Penetrant with Silicone.

● Kroil Penetrant with Graphite (formerly Penephite)

● Pb Blaster Penetrate

● Blaster Penetrating Catalyst


Lubrication Power ● Offers extra lubrication ● Offers light lubrication

● Quick busting

Lubricants ● Microil- Precise lubricant

● Pyrolube- High temperature

● Non- evaporating
Price ● 25$ 130$

● Depends on different

● types and additives

● Ranges from 8 to 90$

● Depends on the

● lubricants type

Evaporation ● Nearly -1 %


● Non-evaporating


Overview of Kroil and PB Blaster

Both Kroil and PB Blaster have varied thickness levels. Still, they can penetrate deep into every part of the component, even through the smallest openings and thread-like cavities.

There are many rust removal products on the market. You can also get rust-penetrant sprays of Kroil, like aerosol sprays, which are helpful for quick spraying on rusted areas.

1. Difference between Kroil vs Pb Blaster



Talking about the harshness, you’ll find Kroil a lot less harsh than Pb Blaster.

Kroil Lubricant is thin, while the effect of this high harshness by Pb blaster may be seen as skin aching and irritation.



Regarding the most common scenario, you’ll find PB blasters more easily available at hardware and automotive stores.

Meanwhile, since they are not available in many stores, he preferred method for Kroil is to place an online order. Mostly, people contact retailers and distributors to get Kroil.



You will see that the Pb blaster works more effectively in loosening rust and corrosion. Although Kroil also loses its rust effectively, the PB blaster penetrates oil more efficiently.

2. Price


Regarding the price, you’ll find Kroil more expensive than PB Blaster. Their prices vary on their catalysts, lubricants, and different types.

However, the approximate cost for Kroil is around 25$ to 130$, while the price for PB blaster ranges from 8$ to 90$.

3. Pros and Cons

Let’s discover the pros and cons of Pb Blaster vs Kroil.

Pros Cons
Kroil ● For Kroil, you don’t need to worry about the negative impact on the materials. Kroil is most safe for use against materials like plastic and rubber.

● Kroil is most effective for rusty bolts, nuts, pulleys, and shafts and is less sticky.

● Kroil penetrates to a deeper level and makes the product new.

● Using the kroil without specific measures would cause skin irritation, headache, nausea, and dermatitis.

● Cleaning up Kroil after the spilling is difficult.

Pb Blaster ● Pb Blaster is an ideal choice for brake and suspension problems.

● Pb blaster helps to quickly remove rust by reaching into the minor cavities of the components.

● Pb blaster causes eye and skin irritation like redness and dryness. There could also be an inhalation problem.

● Rubber or plastic would be exploited in the long exposure of Pb blastic.


If you need clarification on Kroil and PB blaster, make sure to consider these factors.

  • Consider your budget before choosing, as both oils vary highly in their costs.
  • Check the rusting level and corrosion severity and then choose the preferred one.
  • Check the lubrication and the penetration requirement.
  • Both oils have some kind of odor; make sure to consider your personal smelling taste.


  1. If you have bought Kroil, it must be better to put it away from heat sources and ignition; Kroil is highly flammable.
  2. Make sure to wash your face and any oil-intact body parts after dealing with the penetration process.
  3. It’s better to wear face-protective gear before dealing with this process.
  4. Avoid any breathing spray near the PB blaster.
  5. No smoking.
  6. Try to do this in a well-opened environment.

Which One is Better: Kroil or PB Blaster?

Both penetrating oils have their positive points, so they work efficiently in their preferred scenarios. It truly depends on the personal choice and requirements.

Here are some recommendations that you can consider for both oils.

  1. Suppose you are concerned about which one is easily accessible and affordable. Then, Pb Blaster is highly recommended for you.
  2. Suppose you have no issue with surface-level disruption or smell. In that case, PB Blaster is highly recommended for a more significant use.
  3. If you are looking for high penetration and a deeper cavity connection, Kroil might be the one for you.
  4. However, there is a common concern about how long for Pb Blaster to work, it would take around hours, but it is highly recommended to use it repeatedly for more effective results.
  5. Many people wonder why is Kroil so expensive while buying it, so it is better to choose according to your expenses.


Penetrating oils have their additives and catalysts; choosing them accordingly depends on your choice. The debate of Kroil vs Pb Blaster is discussed above with some considerations and recommendations.

PB Blaster in eye would cause swelling and redness, so it’s better to flush your eyes with a lot of water for at least 15 minutes if your eyes get in contact with a Pb blaster.

While deciding, consider your personal preference, need, corrosive severity, and rusting level. It would make it easy for you to choose your best penetrating oil.

Try to read the manufacturer’s instructions before penetrating the oil to avoid any unusual circumstances.

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