Mobil 424 Hydraulic Oil Equivalent: The Complete Guide

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mobil 424 hydraulic oil equivalentThere are tons of hydraulic oil in the market, but only those who know their kind of oil understand how essential mobilfluid 424 is. However, this product is not available in every market. That’s why mobil 424 hydraulic oil equivalent is a must.

Fortunately, many alternative products can be effective which people can use. In today’s blog, these selections will be featured in a cross reference chart to show which suits the most.

About Mobil 424


Mobil 424 is a highly requested hydraulic oil due to its effective performance as a multipurpose lubricant. This oil contains additives and base oils that keep the material balanced and functional for any work needed.

In terms of heavy-duty tasks, it can help tractors operate in any weather and area conditions. That’s why it is highly recommended in construction and agriculture.

Regarding viscosity grade, it can work in high temperatures as it is formulated with kinematic viscosities of 40 C – 100 C. Thus, ensuring productive work all the time.

List of Products to Substitute for Mobil 424 Hydraulic Oil

Finding the mobil 424 equivalent products should be based on the capable performance of the hydraulic oil. This factor should be considered, especially if used in hardcore activities. That way, versatility will be ensured.

Furthermore, if the purpose of the oil is to lubricate tractors, then the target product must possess almost the same quality mobil 424 offers. That can be arranged with the equivalent chart below!

Hydraulic Oil Substitution Chart
Hydraulic Oil Features
Bluesky Terra Multi-Trac THF
  • Protection from corrosion
  • Safe for any environment
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe usage for agricultural tractors
  • Optimized lubricant for transmission, breaks, hydraulics, etc.
  •  Wear protection
  • antifoaming
Gulf Transcrest Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
  •  Optimized lubricant for transmission, breaks, hydraulics, etc.
  •  antifoaming
Phillips 66 PowerTran Fluid
  • High thermal resistance
  • Compatible for off-road and agricultural equipment
  • Protection from corrosion
  • Wear protection
  • 2 viscosity grade
Sunoco TH Fluid
  • Protection against corrosion
  • High viscosity for stable operation
  • Wear resistant
  • Safe for low temperatures
Kendall Hyken 052 Farm Tractor Lubricant
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Wear resistant
  • 2 viscosity grades (Standard and Low)
  • Safe for any environment
  • Compatible for off-road and agricultural equipment
  • Optimized lubricant for transmission, breaks, hydraulics, etc.
Chevron 1000 THF
  • Compatible for agricultural equipment
  • Wear resistant
  • Protection from corrosion
  • antifoaming

1. Bluesky Terra Multi-Trac THF


This hydraulic oil alternative is a multipurpose lubricant unlike any other. It is highly eco-friendly because of its formulation. This oil is vegetable based, making it a biodegradable waste once utilized.

In comparison with Mobi 424, it is also a high-performing hydraulic oil. It can be used in tractors for agricultural and construction purposes, ensuring productive work. This promising product contains additives that support the work by reducing expenses.

Furthermore, this substitute can cover another impressive factor: the product’s longevity. This product ensures continuous work despite the high and low temperatures. It remains stable, allowing a smooth flow of lubricant.

2. Gulf Transcrest Tractor Hydraulic Fluid


On the other hand, this equivalent oil also offers great performance in terms of productivity, protection, and longevity. This hydraulic oil is known for its antifoaming, friction modifiers, and anti-wear benefits.

Like the Mobi 424, it can support tractors in both fields of work. Due to its convenience, farming, and building tasks can be achieved.

3. Phillips 66 PowerTran Fluid


Meanwhile, in terms of farming equipment, this hydraulic oil will also provide active performance. Phillips 66 PowerTran Fluid aims to provide a smooth lubrication flow to the brakes, hydraulic system, and more.

With this equivalent shell, hydraulic oil, work will be more productive as it protects the machine. This oil offers a lot of benefits like the mobil 424—for instance, antifoaming, antiwear, and corrosion resistance.

Although, unlike other alternatives, this oil offers 2 types of viscosity grades. The lower viscosity is perfect for cold temperatures, while the heavy is suitable for most of the time.

4. Sunoco TH Fluid


Another promising substitute for mobil 424 is Sunoco TH Fluid. It is a remarkable replacement, for it is also a universal lubricant. This oil contains additives that help to be a high-quality hydraulic lubricant for farming tractors.

Using this product can help achieve high performance since it also offers various features and benefits. Some of its essential benefits are protection from corrosion, high viscosity for longevity and stability, and antiwear.

Choosing this alternative is a great choice for agricultural tasks. Thus, ensuring productive work on the farm and the protection of the tractors.

5. Kendall Hyken 052 Farm Tractor Lubricant


The next equivalent in the hydraulic oil substitution chart is Kendall Hyken 052 Farm Tractor Lubricant. This hydraulic oil also offers a competitive level of performance in terms of protection and lubricant flow.

It offers protection from foaming, corrosion, and oxidation. With these benefits, the machine can avoid wear and tear while being used in heavy-duty tasks. In short, it offers great features like mobil 424, making it a reliable substitute.

Aside from that, it also offers 2 viscosity grades that can be used depending on the temperature. It has low and standard viscosity grades ready for assistance in agricultural field tasks.

6. Chevron 1000 THF


Last among the available hydraulic oil substitutes in the market is the Chevron 1000 THF. It is also a heavy-duty equivalent with its ability to work in various tractors and farming equipment.

This hydraulic oil strengthens the machine with its additives to be not prone to damage easily. It has antiwear, antifoaming, and anticorrosion properties, which help the tractor to work productively over time.

Moreover, it is also a highly recommended hydraulic oil like mobi 424, thus, making it an impressive substitute in the market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hydraulic Oil Equivalent


It is important to check the compatibility of the oil with the machine to ensure success. To get to the right product equivalent, check the following factors and tips below:

  • Check if the product is approved for the model of the machine
  • Ensure that the hydraulic oil fits the purpose (e.g., agriculture or construction)
  • Verify if the product is a heavy-duty hydraulic oil
  • Check the features and benefits

Through these ideas, it will ensure that the tractors can work efficiently and productively.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where to find the equivalent hydraulic oils?

Finding the equivalent hydraulic oils as mobil 424 can be easy to find. There are 6 brands available that can provide the same quality as mobil, most of which are available in a physical store.

It is also possible to locate the sellers by checking the website of the 6 brands. There’s a list of stores on their website for easy access to all clients like the Chevron brand.

How many quarts of oil does a farming tractor need?

It will depend on the model and type of tractor to know how many gallons or quarts of hydraulic oil to add. For better results, please refer to the equipment manual to pour the accurate amount needed for lubrication.


Choosing the suitable mobil 424 hydraulic oil equivalent is important, and it can only happen by checking the brand’s features. Furthermore, checking the hydraulic oil compatibility is necessary to ensure the equipment will work effectively.

Lubrication is a factor that will help the tractor to be productive. Select a substitute among the 6 brands mentioned above to avoid downtime and repair expenses.

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