My Car is Leaking Oil From the Front: Causes + Solutions

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Has this been a daily problem for you as a vehicle owner? – my car is leaking oil from the front. If it is, and you still didn’t do something about it, then rest assured that you have to prepare for the huge expenses.

A car leaking oil is a sign of serious damage and can lead to other risks. That’s why it is vital to know why the leakage is happening. In this blog, we’ll be focusing on that aspect.

Common Causes of Front Oil Leakage

When there’s a small oil leak at the front part of your car, the common causes are compromised oil pan and gasket. However, other parts may have influenced this scenario. Thus, checking the vehicle thoroughly is the only choice.

Paying attention to small details means you are locating the oil leak symptoms. It’s a great start and will eventually lead to solving the problem. You may notice these root causes listed below even when parked.

1. Cracked Oil Pan and Gasket


As mentioned, this scenario is one of the most common reasons a car leaks oil. At any instance, like when running or parked, you may notice oil dripping, and it is due to the casualty of broken car parts.

Naturally, the oil pan serves as the reservoir for the oil to ensure lubrication throughout the engine. Meanwhile, the gasket is attached near it to prevent leakage. However, due to wear from heat and poor maintenance, these two can deteriorate.

Once deterioration happens, it can result in leakage, which you can now see at the front of your vehicle.

Symptoms to look for:


In this situation, you might notice an obvious sign on your dashboard about lower oil levels. When that sign lits up, that can mean several things. One of them is oil leakage, which explains why the oil level is decreasing.

2. Broken Oil Filter


On the other hand, another possible cause of an oil leak at the front of the engine is a malfunctioning oil filter. The oil filter is a vital vehicle part that acts as the first line of defense of the engine.

This automotive part will ensure that no debris in the oil will enter the engine as it filters every last drop. Unfortunately, if it can’t perform its duty, it will affect the lubrication process as the oil can’t flow properly into the filter. Thus resulting in leakage.

Additionally, improper installation after an oil change can also lead to leakage. So, be sure to secure the new oil filter well to ensure correct oil flow.

Symptoms to look for:


Aside from the obvious sign of an oil leak from the front, you may also notice an overflowing amount of oil on the oil filter itself. Oil leakage can happen with the 2 scenarios mentioned above.

So, be sure to check the oil filter to see if it needs replacement.

3. Compromised Timing Cover


Meanwhile, another problem that causes oil leakage in a car is a broken timing cover. This vehicle part covers the timing components like the chain and timing belt. Once it’s broken, it is expected to have oil leakage.

According to sources, the timing cover is most likely the location of constant oil leakage. When it breaks, it is important not to prolong the oil leak problem because it can cause risks to the engine belt and the engine itself. So, it is a must to solve it immediately.

Symptoms to look for:

In terms of symptoms, low oil levels and leakage are some obvious signs that could indicate a problem with the timing cover. However, the important sign also involves the engine’s bad performance itself.

As mentioned, the timing cover protects the timing chain and timing belt. If the cover is broken, debris can mix with the oil while damaging the chain and belt. That’s not ideal, as the engine’s operation is compromised.

4. Common Locations of the Leak

Knowing the common causes of oil leaks from the engine to the floor of your garage is not enough. It is also essential to be more ready in case of another leakage situation with your vehicle.

As a vehicle owner, you must also know the vulnerable areas of your vehicle where leaks are common. We’ve already established the timing cover as one of the common areas. However, there are also other parts where oil can leak or escape.

Let’s check them out below!


  • Engine gasket, specifically for oil filter, oil pan, oil pump, and rocker cover
  • Oil filler cap
  • Oil drain plug

The oil will naturally escape to those parts if they become damaged. That situation is most likely to happen due to being worn out. If no material stops the oil from flowing outside the engine, leakage will likely happen.

Potential Damage or Problems of Oil Leaks From the Front

You might ask if it is normal to have oil leaks from the front of your car. Unfortunately, it is true, considering the causes and symptoms we’ve discussed earlier. However, that doesn’t mean that those situations should be prolonged.

Here are some of the potential dilemmas that may arise due to unsolved oil leakage.

1. Engine Failure


Oil leakage is actually a harmful situation for your vehicle and might cause you huge expenses in the future. That’s because oil leaks can result in low oil levels, low lubrication, overheating of the vehicle, and more.

Those results will lead to engine failure, as lubrication keeps the engine functional. Without oil flow, every part of the engine can wear out.

2. Safety Risk


Aside from engine failure, another problem may arise, which could affect the safety of the driver and its passengers. Driving a vehicle with simultaneous problems due to oil leakage is dangerous as you can lose control.

Furthermore, it can also result in fire accidents, which is hazardous considering the vehicle could explode.


If you’ve reached this point in the blog, you can relate to the scenario – my car is leaking oil from the front. Oil leakage is often underestimated by most car owners, elevating the problem’s severity.

Fortunately, this article helps solve the leakage right from when it happened. The causes and symptoms will be the identifiers of which part needs replacement and when to replace them.

In case of severe damage, it’s best to contact a mechanic. A professional in the field can provide accurate diagnoses and ensure the safety of everyone.

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