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service advancetrac warning light

You might be driving your Ford F150 on the road and suddenly a Service Advancetrac warning light comes on and you’re asking yourself what does service Advancetrac mean?

In a nutshell, Advancetrac is an Electronic Stability Control system for Ford vehicles. ESC is the system put in modern cars to prevent them from swerving during bad weather.

When a Service Advancetract warning light appears it means that there are problems in your vehicle that keep the Advancetract system from working properly. Some of the issues are listed below.

  • Brake system issue
  • Wheel alignment issue
  • Steering rack issue
  • Computer issue
  • Faulty steering angle sensor
  • Faulty wheel speed sensor
  • Low brake fluids
  • Blown fuse
  • Low tire pressure

What is Advancetrac?

Advancetrac is a Ford vehicle’s Electronic Stability System. This advanced tracking system helps Ford drivers navigate the road in even the worst conditions. Advancetrac increases traction and balance when driving through the ice, snow, and wet gravel.

Advancetrac uses gyroscopic car sensors to monitor your car 150 times per second. It determines your car’s movement through its wheels and automatically applies brakes if it encounters stability issues.

ESC and Advancetrac use the following systems to read your car’s movement:


  • Lateral Acceleration Sensor – Detects under and oversteering through the force and speed of your turns
  • Yaw Rate Sensor – Determines if the car tends to spin on the vertical axis.
  • Steering Wheel Positioning – Detects the angle of your steering wheel and which direction you are trying to go.
  • Wheel Speed Sensor – Your wheel’s speed is important to know how much pressure to apply when braking.

Advancetrac Capabilities


Using the sensors above, the Ford vehicle can create a good picture of the status of your vehicle. If the car loses traction, Advancetract has the following capabilities to help you avoid accidents and maintain control of the vehicle:

1. Anti-Lock Brake (ABS)

When a driver feels that the car is losing traction, one of their first instinct would be to step on the brakes. Unfortunately, this causes skidding which can be dangerous at fast speeds.

The ABS can help minimize skidding by applying rapidly pulsating brake pressure to the tires.

2. Traction Control

The traction control function will cut power to any wheel that is moving too quickly or will apply brakes if the wheel speed sensor detects uneven speeds from various wheels.

Issues That Could Trigger the Service Advancetrac Warning Light

While having the Advancetract warning light does not stop you from driving, it means there has been a malfunction in your car’s sensors. Here are the reasons for your Ford Advancetract problems:

Issue Reason
Brake System When the ABS and Advancetrac lights are on the issue is most likely an unresponsive brake pedal
Wheel Alignment Inconsistent wheel rotation caused by collisions and potholes can cause wheel sensors not to work.
Steering Rack Leaking power steering or tight steering wheels are caused by problems in this area.
Computer If there is no external damage or issue. Your Power Control Module (PCM) might be malfunctioning.
Steering Angle Sensor Faulty wiring from your steering angle sensor can also cause the warning light to come on.
Wheel Speed Sensor A damaged or dirty wheel speed sensor can cause it to fail and trigger the warning light.
Low Brake Fluids Since brakes are important for the Advancetrac system having low fluids can be detrimental to your ABS.
Blown Fuse A broken wire can cause your PCM and sensor to disconnect and activate your warning lights.
Low Tire Pressure Low tire pressure can make your sensors think that your tires are moving inconsistently.
Advancetrac Turned Off You might have accidentally turned off the traction control.
Limp Mode Limp mode activates when there is a problem with the engine or transmission. This can also cause the Advancetract warning light to trigger.

How to Fix Advancetrac

1. Use an OBD-II Code Scanner


As you can see the Advancetrac system is a complex system of sensors that can calculate the best amount of pressure needed for your wheels. To identify and fix service Advancetrac for a F250 and other Ford vehicles you would need to first diagnose the problem.

Advanced code scanners can be used to check Advancetrac issues. It allows you to determine exactly which parts of the car have issues and be able to fix them immediately.

You only need to scan the system and find out what error corresponds with the codes and fix the issue accordingly.

2. Check Brake Fluid Levels


Regularly checking your Brake Fluid is always just good advice. The brake fluid levels are also a good place to start when the service Advancetrac and ABS lights are on. But checking your brake fluid for any leaks can fix the service Advancetrac for your Ford Explorer.

3. Check Electrical Wirings


Since the Ford service Advancetrac uses different car sensors, electrical wiring is a major source of issues. Check your car for any blown fuse or any wiring or connectors that might have come loose and replace or fix them.

4. Visit a Mechanic


Sometimes we might make a costly mistake when repairing, especially for new cars like the Ford Edge. The best way to get your car fixed is by letting professionals look into it and assess the problem. They will have the necessary professional equipment to diagnose and repair.

It might cost a little extra, but, compared to doing it yourself, but the peace of mind is worth it.



Can I still drive while the service Advancetrac warning light is on?

There should be no issue with driving if the warning light is on. However, if the road is slippery, then your car will not be able to correct itself when the time comes.

It’s much safer to have the issue repaired immediately to prevent accidents.

How much does it cost to fix Advancetrac?

Advancetrac repairs generally cost $100 to $250 excluding labor. This can also increase depending on other issues such as a blown fuse or if you need to replace certain parts. Service Advanctrac costs also vary depending on location.

How to turn off the service Advancetract system?

To turn off your Advancetract first you need to find the Advancetrac or stability control button. For Ford Fusion 2011 and most models, this can be found in the instrument panel.

After this, you just need to start your engine and then hold it for 5 to 10 seconds until the warning light comes on.

How to reset Advancetrac?

First, you need to turn off your vehicle. Then you need to remove the ground terminal of your battery. Then go inside the car and hold the brake pedal for a few seconds to discharge any remaining power.

After that, you can connect the battery again and turn on the power to complete the reset.


Modern cars are much safer today thanks to the numerous advances in technology and the data that is gathered in real-time by the many sensors in your car.

Advancetrac can make driving during extreme weather much safer for you and your car. It uses data like wheel speed, steering wheel position, and yaw rate to determine any inconsistencies and applies brakes as needed to prevent you from skidding.

So what does the service Advancetrac warning light mean?

If you see the service Advancetrac on your Ford Flex, it means there are issues you need to address. Keeping the warning light on can only increase the risk of accidents.

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