How to Use a Club Steering Wheel Lock? – 3 Easy Steps

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how to use a club steering wheel lock

The Club for cars is considered to be one of the most popular steering wheel lock brands. It has been in the market for some time, thwarting thieves and intruders as early as the 1980s to the 1990s and up to the present time.

The Club anti-theft device is easy-to-install and is an inexpensive tool that can add a layer of security to your vehicle.

Now that you have an overview of the Club, let’s discuss how it works and guide you through each step on how to use a club steering wheel lock.

What is a Club Steering Wheel Lock? How Does It Work?


The Club for automotive is an anti-theft device and is a product made by Winner International.

Its design is similar to that of an old-school steering wheel lock because it is visible and is made out of a metal bar that can be attached to the steering wheel to the brake or clutch pedal.

Using the Club as a theft deterrent is effective in a way because of its heavy-duty steel rod and the two hooks that latch onto your steering wheel.

It also acts as a visual obstacle discouraging car thieves from stealing your car. However, they can choose to break the Club, but it would take a lot of effort to cut through it by employing a hacksaw or freezing the locks.

The middle part of the Club is designed to be extended so you can slide the central bar in and out to a point where the hooks can be placed into your steering wheel.

Locking the central bar with a key keeps it secured, making it difficult for thieves to maneuver and drive your car away.

3 Steps to Use a Club Steering Wheel Lock

What to Prepare

To use a steering wheel lock like the Club, you will need to prepare/have the following items:

  • Scissors or Cutter
  • The Club
  • Key

Step 1: Unboxing The Club


If you have recently bought the Club car theft prevention device, then it is time to unbox it. Remove the plastic packaging. You can do this quickly by using your scissors or cutter.

Check that the Club is in good condition, has no defects, and that all of its functions are properly working, including its locking mechanisms.

Take the Club and the key that is included in the package. Usually, the Club package contains spare keys. Be sure to keep them so that you won’t have any problems in the future.

Step 2: Positioning The Club


To install the Club steering wheel lock, hold on to the middle area of the Club where the central bar is located.

You can also use the Club Twin Hooks model which fits most cars and SUVs and it is tougher when faced with freezing the locks and sawing.

Position each end of the hooks to a 45-degree angle which ends up looking like it is “diagonally” placed into your steering wheel.

The reason for this is they will not be able to completely turn your wheel since it would take a couple of full spins to successfully make a turn to go left or right in city streets.

Step 3: Securing the Device

Extend both ends of the Club or adjust them until the hooks are attached to your steering wheel. Use the key to lock the device to secure it.

Check to see if the steering wheel is firmly secured and that the wheel does not turn or does complete a full spin.

To remove the device, use the key again to unlock it and pull each end of the rod towards the central bar of the Club.



Is the Club a Good Theft Deterrent?

The Club auto theft protection device can be a good theft deterrent since it is visible to intruders due to its striking neon colors.

This gives them the impression or warning that an anti-theft device is in place. However, do keep in mind that thieves can break the Club steering wheel lock if they choose to.

With extra effort, thieves can defeat the Club by using a hacksaw to cut through it or by using a Freon to freeze and destroy the locking mechanism.

How Does a Club Keep a Car From Being Stolen?

When you put the Club on the steering wheel, it makes it almost impossible to completely turn and steer the wheel. Thus, car thieves will not be able to drive it away.

How Does the Club Pedal to Wheel Security Lock Work?

It works by attaching the Club to the clutch or brake pedal of your vehicle. This prevents your wheel from being steered and keeps thieves from using the brakes.


Now that you have learned how to use a Club steering wheel lock, you know that it is an anti-theft device that discourages car thieves from attempting to steal your car.

It is also easy to use and install since the Club is designed to be adjusted and locked from the central bar for the hooks to be attached to your steering wheel.

Just make sure not to lose the keys. Otherwise, you’d have to find a way to duplicate it or you’d have to break the Club yourself!

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