What Does a Blown 30 Amp Fuse Look Like?

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Fuses are protective components that do not come with a guaranteed lifespan. In automobiles, 30 amp fuses act as the vulnerable joint in the circuit and protect the electrical circuits and amplifier from overcurrent threats.

Fuses can be blown up for many reasons, like protecting the electrical components from high voltage. If the current is higher than 30 amp, then there is more possibility of blowing, which needs replacement.

While checking the electrical components, like a square fuse, it is challenging to notice what does a blown 30 amp fuse look like because of its tiny elements.

What Does a Blown 30 Amp Fuse Look Like?

Here is a blown fuse picture for more clear understanding.

If you’re wondering what a blown 30A fuse looks like, let’s see the common potential impacts of blowing on the fuse.

1. Broken wire


In the physical damage, you’ll possibly see the broken wire or disconnected wire separation gap in the middle strip of the wire.

However, this is not necessary to happen in every blown car fuse; most fuses don’t exhibit physical damage.

2. Melted ribbon


Upon the wire’s physical inspection, you’ll see some kind of melted ribbon and shadiness in the fuse.

There will also be damage to the color scheme of the fuse; some darkness will start to prevail.

3. Burning Marks


In some aspects, you will see burning marks in the fuse due to the overload in the circuit, which is most likely in traditional fuses.

These marks mean that the fuse is not available for further use.

4. Damaged Circuit


In the fused 30 amp, you’ll see the interruptions in the normal functioning of the circuit.

As the 30 amp fuse is connected with metal strips, on the blown up, there will be a broken fuse in the course, which will resist the smooth flow of the electrical current.

5. Power Cut


In most cases, there is a possibility that power to certain areas becomes cut from the circuit. The circuit will mostly be open, which will lose the power connection.

Hence the glass fuse blown up occurs, but you can only find it out after opening the circuit covering or testing the fuse.

Indications for a Blown 30 Amp Fuse

Mostly we don’t know how to tell if a fuse is blown. There are a few visual signs through which you can detect whether a 30 amp fuse is blown.

1. Coloring


If you see any changes in the green color of the 30 amp, like it starts to become dark or discolored, it means the fuse is showing signs of failure.

2. Circuit


If the circuit is open, it means that the fuse has no more use.

3. Physical damage


If there is any indicator of physical damage, like a broken wire, or a gap in the wire, it means it has a bad fuse.

4. Multimeter or indicator


Using a multimeter, you can test a 30 amp fuse and detect its resistance and continuity of the circuit.

If you see the continuous resistance across the terminals of the fuse, then the fuse is all good, but if there is any abruption among it, this is a sign of a blown-up fuse.

5. Possibilities

Here are some possible reasons if you’re confused about why your 30 amp fuse keeps blowing up after a short time.

  • Overload in the circuit.
  • Short-circuit.
  • Worst fuse replacement or installation.
  • Polarity problem
  • Flaws in the designing of circuits.
  • Damaged battery connection.
  • Faulty wiring connection.


The 30 amp fuse often blows up, as the reasoning is already discussed above, so there is no need to panic about it. When you know the structural changes or what does a blown 30 amp fuse look like, it will be easy to detect and repair them.

However, it is better to replace the fuse, remove the 30amp fuse of the damaged circuit, and let some electrition do it. But if you know the electrical techniques, you can do it and prepare it!

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