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who makes ac delco oil filters

An oil filter is one of the most important parts of a vehicle to keep the engine from contamination. Most car owners must use one of the most common brands in the market, ACDelco. However, not everyone is familiar with its creator.

It’s an interesting topic to discuss as this product has been in the US market for a long time. Let’s begin today’s blog by knowing who makes ACDelco oil filters.

ACDelco Brand History

There’s no denying that the ACDelco oil filter is a trustworthy product due to its unmatched performance in the engine. However, before it became what it is today, this brand has been known differently.

Before its rebranding, it was known under various names such as the United Delco. However, after General Motors (GM) came, it expanded the brand, manufacturing car part products like spark plug products.

Later, it expanded to various countries, producing automotive products for many users. That includes the oil filter that people use today.

Specific Manufacturers That Produce ACDelco Oil Filters

In the market, there are 2 known manufacturers of ACDelco oil filters. The first one is a subsidiary company of ACDelco, while the other is under First Brands Group LLC. Let’s discuss both of them below.

1. General Motors


General Motors, or GM Genuine Parts, is the company behind AC Delco oil filters. This brand is considered one of the manufacturers due to its history as a subsidiary company.

Although, it is known that GM buys oil filter parts from various suppliers. Most people still correlate the 2, making the company an AC Delco oil filter manufacturer.

About GM

This manufacturing company has been known in the industry for a long time. They aim to provide premium parts for every compatible vehicle in the market.

One of their services also includes maintenance for the following vehicles alone:

  1. Chevrolet
  2. Buick
  3. GMC
  4. Cadillac vehicles

2. Champions Lab


Meanwhile, the other company known to other clients is the Champions Lab. This company is also known as FRAM. Sources show that their product is closely similar to ACDelco. Thus, making them fit to manufacture the brand oil filters.

Despite having 2 major manufacturers, both of them offer quality-made oil filters. That’s pertinent, which is why many people trust ACDelco oil filters more.

About Champions Lab

Ever since it began in the automotive industry, this company has already built their reputation as a manufacturer of filters. This company started from being a private entity to being part of the finest manufacturers in the industry for heavy-duty filters

Partnership and Collaboration


Building connections and expanding the reach of their products has been one of the main goals of ACDelco. Even before, their brand and products have reached many countries, which helped distribute high-quality vehicle products.

Its long American history in the industry helped create a great rapport among countries, resulting in partnerships. One of ACDelco’s known partners is AutoPro, a subsidiary company in UAE.

This partnership only proves that the ACDelco brand is trusted and has been favored to expand in the UAE territories.

Oil Filter Manufacturing Process

Even though ACDelco has proven the quality of its oil filters in the industry, there’s no denying that great competitor brands exist. Vehicle owners might have used some of them and could’ve been satisfied with the engine’s performance.

However, one thing for sure is the product is sure to work well if the manufacturing process is followed correctly. Let’s check the summary of how oil filters are manufactured by companies like GM and Champions Lab.

1. Stamping of steel materials


During this process, steel sheets are cut to various sizes to meet the standards for the different parts of the oil filter. Most of the oil filter parts are created with this steel.

Afterwards, machines are used to stamp the metallic materials. Thus, achieving the correct sizes and shapes needed for the oil filter parts.

2. Base Plate and Centre Tube

Meanwhile, this next step also requires the use of equipment, especially for stamping the steel and rolling them into a tube. Again, precise size and quality are essential to achieve and meet the correct standard for oil filters.

3. Creating the filter


The next step involves creating the filter, which is made of pleated paper. This material is vital as it will trap or filter the contaminants, completing the function of the oil filter.

4. Assembling of the oil filter


During this part, all the materials crafted will be assembled in an assembly line. Afterwards, testing is a must to check any defective product before its release to the public.

Quality Control Measures in Place for ACDelco Oil Filters


Every step of the manufacturing process is intricate and valued well to develop a working oil filter. Fortunately, both GM and Champions Lab aim for that, resulting in the current status of the oil filter products.

To ensure quality control, these parts in the oil filter are checked thoroughly to verify their functionality. These parts are what make the ACDelco a good quality oil filter.

  1. Nylon Core
  2. Bypass and Anti Drain Back Valve
  3. Filtration Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ACDelco oil filters good quality?

Yes, ACDelco oil filters are quality-made products people can safely use in their engines. This brand offers functional oil filters by reviewing their performance during manufacturing and before release.

In that way, people can acquire and use a high-performing oil filter. It’s the protocol that ACDelco and other manufacturers follow.

Where are ACDelco oil filters made?

Manufactured oil filters for the ACDelco brand are known to be made in the US. Most clients might think this part doesn’t matter as long as the product is quality-made. Unfortunately, users must be aware of it as it also affects the price of the product.

Claiming that the product is 100% US-made is unlikely true as GM buys the parts from various suppliers. Meanwhile, Champion Labs may have manufactured some oil filters that are created using parts from China.


Learning more about the products people commonly use in their vehicles is great. It helps people to navigate which is a potential product to use. That’s why the topic of who makes ACDelco oil filters is vital to discuss.

Knowing more about who manufactures the product increases the trust in the product. Thus, helping vehicle owners to secure their engines by using a functional oil filter like ACDelco.

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