Who Makes Microgard Oil Filters?

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Nowadays, there are several oil filters in the market that offer superior performance to keep your vehicle in top condition. Among the several excellent options available is Microgard.

You may have seen or heard about this brand before, but you might be wondering who makes Microgard oil filters and why vehicle owners favor them.

The company behind Microgard oil filters is Purolator, a subsidiary of a leading German filter manufacturer, MANN+HUMMEL.

Read on to learn more about Microgard and its manufacturer.

Microgard Oil Filter Manufacturer


Microgard oil filter is made by Purolator, an established and trusted name in oil filter production based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It has been in the oil filter industry for a century now.

It was in 1923 when Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh patented the first oil filtration system. Their invention was called “Purolator,” shortened for “pure oil later.” Since then, it has undergone several innovations to improve its performance.

In 2013, Purolator became a key division of Germany’s MANN+HUMMEL Filters, a global leader in filtration. The acquisition solidified Purolator’s stance as a market leader, fusing the best manufacturing processes and modern technology.

Purolator’s team comprises experts who continue to push their technology to the next level. Their collaboration with the North Carolina State Innovation Center has consistently improved their products and customer service.

As for their manufacturing locations, since 2020, Microgard and Microgard Select oil filters have been made in Mexico, while Vietnam manufactures the Microgard Spin-On oil filter variant.

Are Microgard Oil Filters Good

To help you determine whether Microgard oil filters are indeed good and suited for your vehicle, I have outlined some key points for consideration:



Microgard oil filters are made using high-quality materials that are durable, easy to install and maintain, and, more importantly, can handle strenuous conditions.



It has been proven that Microgard oil filters can achieve up to an impressive 95% to 99% efficiency in trapping contaminants as small as 29 microns. This means Microgard provides superior filtration and protection for your vehicle’s engine.



Microgard fuel filters are available at a very competitive price range. Its benefits can match those of more expensive oil filters, but it should be remembered that Microgard is recommended for driving in normal conditions.

With this checklist, you can say that the Microgard oil filter is indeed a good choice. However, you should also consider your vehicle’s specifications for compatibility.


Knowing the company behind the brand tells a great deal about the product. Getting vital information on who makes Microgard oil filters is one step in determining whether it is a good choice for your vehicle regarding filtration performance.

Backed by a trusted name in the oil filter manufacturing industry, Microgard oil filter lives up to the heritage of its manufacturer by delivering, and even exceeding, the expectations of vehicle owners.

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