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who makes motorcraft oil

Motorcraft oil is among the most popular synthetic motor oils, yet most people don’t really know who makes Motorcraft oil.

Houston-based company ConocoPhillips and South Korean S-Oil are the ones who manufacture Motorcraft oil for Ford Motor Company, which owns and distributes the brand products.

In this article, you will learn more about this manufacturing relationship and tips to help you choose the right Motorcraft oil for your vehicle.

Overview of Motorcraft Brand and Manufacturer


The Motorcraft was launched by Ford Motor Company in 1972 as its official original equipment and replacement parts brand.

Interestingly, the initial launch happened in the 1950s, but the name was shelved, and Ford distributed its auto parts under the brand name ‘Autolite’ until 1972.

Besides the Ford Motorcraft oil, the company owns other products under the Motorcraft brand, including Motorcraft transmission fluid, batteries, spark plugs, fuel filters, brakes, A/C condensers and accumulators, and other components.

Relationship Between Ford and Motorcraft


Since Ford owns Motorcraft, they distribute the various products under the brand name through the Ford website, Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealerships, and a few auto parts stores of their choice.

In some cases, Ford partners with other car manufacturers to make a car model, such as their partnership with Mazda. In such instances, they might contract a manufacturer to produce parts under the Motorcraft name.

For the Motorcraft oil, the confusion as to who produces it might be brought about because some containers state that it’s made in the US while others show it’s from South Korea.

On closer scrutiny, this might be because the two companies that produce the Motorcraft oil, ConocoPhillips and S-oil, are based in the US and South Korea, respectively.

S-oil refines base stocks and supplies other companies, including ConocoPhillips, who then use it to make various oil products. In this case, one of the products they make is the Motorcraft oil for Ford.

How to Choose the Right Motorcraft Oil


Below are some tips to guide you when deciding which oil to choose for your car engine:

  • Compatibility with Vehicles

The first thing you should consider when choosing the right Motorcraft engine oil for your car is the car’s make and model or series. Check the owner’s manual to see the recommended type of oil because it may depend on the engine type.

The oil for your car will also depend on factors such as whether you have a high-performance engine, an off-road/heavy-duty SUV, or if it’s a new or higher-mileage car.

  • The oil’s viscosity

The viscosity of a fluid refers to its thickness – its resistance to flow. The viscosity of the oil influences how it performs under different weather conditions.

The oil bottles are labeled with codes that show the viscosity grade, whereby the letter ‘W’ refers to winter. The number before the W shows how viscous the oil is at 0℉ while the second number after the dash shows its thickness at 212℉.

Remember, low-viscosity oils are thinner and mostly used in the cold seasons, and higher-viscosity oils are thicker and offer more excellent protection in hotter conditions.

For example, Motorcraft oil 5W30 is thicker than Motorcraft 5W-20 full synthetic and will therefore perform better in hot weather.

  • Driving environment

When choosing the right Motorcraft oil, consider your driving environment, e.g., do you usually use smoother roads or more offroad and unpaved roads?

Because some oils are designed to handle more strain on your engine, while if you don’t ask for the correct type of oil, you might have to change the oil more frequently when there is much strain on your engine.

  • Oil standards

Ensure the oil you choose has met international standards. Check the container for labels that show it has passed specific tests.

You will see labels such as API, ILSAC, and ACEA on reputable oil products from the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Motorcraft oil?

Motorcraft oil is a brand of motor oil manufactured by ConocoPhillips but owned by Ford Motor Company.

How often should I change my oil with Motorcraft oil?

The user manual recommends changing the oil for newer Ford vehicles every 5,000 – 7,500 miles. You can also change your oil after 6 months or sooner, depending on the driving frequency and terrain conditions.

Is Motorcraft oil only used for Ford?

No. Although Motorcraft synthetic oil is designed for Ford vehicles, you can also use the high-quality synthetic blend oil in other cars. However, it is always great to give top priority to the oil recommended in your car manual.

Are they any good? Read more here!


Despite the much ado about who makes Motorcraft oil, it is a high-performing product by Ford Motor Company and preferred by many car enthusiasts and mechanics.

It is also satisfactory to know that Ford is a reputable brand and conducts several tests before releasing quality products such as Motorcraft oil. Therefore, it gives customers a peace of mind when deciding to buy motorcraft oil from the brand.

Nonetheless, this article gives you the finer detail about the important stuff you need to know about Motorcraft synthetic and synthetic blend oils.

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