Who Makes O’Reilly Oil and Is It Any Good?

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Finding a working synthetic oil has been one of the priorities of vehicle owners. Doing so ensures a lasting performance that keeps the engine functional. One of the common ways that people use to identify a great synthetic oil is through the manufacturers.

O’Reilly is a brand that might have come up in the choices when selecting synthetic oil. Its affordability and effectiveness are top-notch, but few know who makes o’reilly oil. Let’s discover everything through this blog today!

Overview About O’Reilly Oil

Before dwelling on the creator of O’Reilly Oil, it’s only best to introduce a bit of background about the famous synthetic oil product. This product is available in the market under the O’Reilly Auto Parts brand.

There are several variations of motor oils that people can find at their stores, such as:


  • High-mileage oil
  • Full synthetic oil
  • Diesel motor oil
  • Conventional oil

These motor oils have corresponding viscosity grades available, which are verifiable via their website.

Who Manufactures O’Reilly Motor Oil?


O’Rielly synthetic oil is a motor oil manufactured by Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC. This company has been providing their services for a long time and helped build the name of the motor oil.

As the O’Reilly oil manufacturer, they have ensured quality products, which can be seen from the others they released in the market. Those products involve brake fluid, fuel injector cleaners, and the main product for today, motor oil.

For several years, Omni oil brands have been accessible in the market. As a matter of fact, their coverage in the petroleum industry is wide due to their connections. Thus, being one of the trusted suppliers throughout North America and more.

Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC has been known as an expert in the industry, namely automotive chemicals and lubricants. Their website shows they have been in this line of service for over 100 years, making them a reputable and prominent manufacturer.

In short, the products manufactured work well, considering that the company who produces O’Reilly oil has this background in the industry.

Is O’reilly Motor Oil Any Good?


Aside from being produced by a prominent manufacturer in the petroleum industry, there should also be factors that can support O’Reilly as a great product.

Like any other motor oil brand, there are reasons why most favor them. That may involve the formulation, which provides protection and more to the vehicle. Meanwhile, identifying cons can also help in the decision-making process to understand the product further.

Let’s review them below!

Advantages of Using O’Reilly Oil


When choosing motor oil, finding proof of benefits is a must. Identifying such proofs can determine whether the purchase is compatible with the engine. That way, possible damages can be prevented.

Here are some of the notable benefits O’Reilly oil can provide:

  • Provides more protection than other options in the market
  • Prevents sludge formation, which can help the continuous flow of lubrication
  • Lasts longer, which can result in lesser oil change sessions
  • Ensures anti-degradation to keep the engine’s great performance
  • Longevity for the engine due to anti-wear properties from the formulation

These are just some reasonable perks showing protection and safe engine usage. Given these benefits, verifying whether the product is compatible with the vehicle model to prevent engine damage is still a must.

Review the vehicle manual to check the suitable products for safety usage and overall quality performance.

Disadvantages of Using O’Rielly Oil


Despite the proven benefits, some cases can validate the product as challenging to use and dispose of. Thus, resulting in a conflict of interest, making it a non-favorable choice for motor oils.

Moreover, the cost can also be a subject of cons when deciding on suitable motor oil. Compared to conventional oils, synthetic oil types can be more expensive.

In the end, the mentioned benefits outweigh the cons of O’Reilly. So, it must be safe to conclude that O’Reilly oil, which is manufactured by Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC, is effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy O’Reilly oil products?

Everyone who aims to try the O’Reilly oil items can purchase them at the nearest and authorized O’Reilly Auto Parts Shop. People can visit their official website to verify the location of the shop.

What are the available viscosity grades for O’Reilly Synthetic Motor Oil?

Currently, several viscosity grades are available for O’Reilly full synthetic motor oils. These are 5W-30, 5W-20, 5W-40, 0W-20, and 10W-30. However, there are also synthetic high-mileage variations, which are available on their website too.


As mentioned, knowing who makes O’Reilly oil is one of the common steps people take to verify whether the product is great to use. This knowledge assures people that the formulation is trustworthy since the manufacturer is reputable.

In the case of O’Reilly, being manufactured by a prominent company like Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC, helps them to be recognized in the petroleum market. That’s because the product is ensured to work, thus serving the lubrication needed.

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