Who Makes STP Oil Filters? Are They Worth It?

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who makes stp oil filters

Oil filters are crucial in ensuring that your car runs smoothly by keeping the engine’s oil clean. Dirty engine oil mostly always equals car trouble, meaning it’s important to use an oil filter that can do the job efficiently.

STP oil filters are one of the most preferred car oil filters in the market. This is why many car owners are curious about who makes STP oil filters.

The company behind STP oil filters is Champions Laboratories, Inc. – one of the largest manufacturers of automotive oil filters in the United States.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about STP oil filters from their history, price, features, and more.

A Brief History of Champions Laboratories, Inc. 


Champion Laboratories, Inc. was originally named Kleen Pak Manufacturing Company which was established in 1955.

In 1959, they made a breakthrough innovation through their patented engine-end relief valve, which they utilized to manufacture spin-on oil filters.

Currently, Champions Laboratories, Inc. supplies its products to over 30 companies. Besides Scientifically Treated Petroleum (STP), they are also the manufacturer of K&N and Mobil1, among the top players in the automotive oil filter market. 

Throughout their 60 years of development, they received numerous supplier awards, which says a lot about product quality. 

Where Are STP Oil Filters Made?


Champions Laboratories, Inc. has multiple manufacturing and distribution centers in numerous American and Asian countries, but it is headquartered in Albion, Illinois. 

STP products manufacturing facilities are many outside the US, yet their oil filters are mostly produced in their US-based manufacturing facilities, so they are marked as “Made in USA”.

If you’re interested in purchasing STP oil filters for your car, finding a reseller or distributor who sells in your area is very easy because STP oil filters are distributed worldwide. They are also available for sale online. 

Are STP Oil Filters Any Good?


The short answer is YES. As one of the leading car engine oil filters in the market, a lot of car owners have better trust in the quality of STP oil filters vs. regular oil filters for the following reasons:

  1. They are made with premium quality and durable materials using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.
  2. On average, they can last up to 5,000 miles. STP Extended Life Oil Filters can even go as much as 10,000 miles.
  3. They are suitable for almost all kinds of engines.
  4. Due to their firm construction, they are very efficient in trapping unwanted particles or contaminants from entering your car’s engine.
  5. Above all, car owners find STP oil filters to be very reasonably priced for all the value you get from them.

Although STP oil filters are one of the best options out there, it is not perfect. 

The most popular issue raised by car owners is that most STP oil filters do not have silicone anti-drain back valves. Thus, stopping the oil from draining when the engine is off is quite complicated.

This issue doesn’t seem to put users off, though, as the benefits of using STP oil filters outweigh this minor drawback. 

What are the different types of STP oil filters?


STP oil filters are available in different types. The most common types are as follows:

Filter Name Filter Media Material Filter Type Features Lifespan Price
S6607 Advanced Micro Pore Technology Filter Media Spin-on Canister Meet or exceed OEM quality requirements 5000 miles $5
S6607XL Synthetic resin Spin-on Canister Silicone sealing gasket can withstand extreme temperatures (-80⁰F – 400⁰F )


10,000 miles $10
S7317XL Advanced Synthetic Fiber Blend Media Spin-on Canister Top-quality gasket

Anti-drain back valve 

Efficient filter media to trap dirt

10,000 miles $10
S10060XL Synthetic Resin Spin-on Canister Silicone gasket 

Withstand extreme conditions (-80⁰F – 400⁰F)

10,000 miles $10.95
S9713XL Synthetic Resin Cartridge 99% Multipass efficiency filter media 

Filters super small particles about 20 microns 

10,000 miles $13.99

STP oil filters vs. Other Major Brands

When purchasing supplies for your vehicle, it’s important to review other options. It would help you decide which works best for your needs and requirements.

Check out the comparison of STP oil filters vs. other top brands produced by Champions Laboratories, Inc. in the table below:

Oil Filter Brand STP Mobil 1 K&N
Lifespan 10,000 miles 20,000 miles 10,000 miles
Price $10 $17 $10
Filter Media Material Synthetic Fiber Synthetic Fiber Pleated Cellulose Media
Micron Rating 99% 99.6% 99%

You can always look for Autozone when checking out the specifications and features of various oil filter brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if an STP oil filter is compatible with my car?

A fitment guide is used to check what type of STP oil filter fits what vehicle. Many online stores that offer STP oil filters will have a lookup guide by vehicle, where you put in details about your car to get the most appropriate STP oil filter.

Can I use an STP oil filter with any type of engine oil?

STP oil filters are designed to be compatible with a wide range of engine oils, including conventional, synthetic, and synthetic-blend oils. However, it’s always important to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle and engine oil type. 

Are STP oil filters easy to install?

Yes, STP oil filters are designed to be easy to install. They typically come with a built-in gasket or o-ring for a secure seal and a threaded base allowing straightforward installation. An easy-to-follow installation and oil application guide is also available on YouTube.

Can I use an STP oil filter with synthetic oil?

Yes. STP oils are compatible with a wide range of oils, but synthetic oils offer several advantages over conventional oils. Some of these advantages are:

  1. Improved lubrication
  2. Better protection against wear and deposits
  3. Enhanced performance in extreme temperatures
  4. Extended oil change intervals.

However, it’s important to note that STP oil filters are designed to effectively filter and protect your engine regardless of the oil you use.


STP oil filters are among the most reliable and trusted brands. Champions Laboratories, Inc. – the company who makes STP oil filters have a long-standing reputation in the automotive industry.

So when you choose an STP oil filter, you can have confidence in its ability to remove contaminants effectively, provide excellent filtration, and protect your engine from premature wear. All at a very reasonable price. Still, make sure you look up by vehicle to see if a specific product is compatible with your car. 

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