Who Makes Subaru Oil Filters? – List of Manufacturers

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Owners of Japanese vehicles might be familiar with the Subaru oil filters. This brand has been one of the most sought-after brands due to its premium quality

Who makes Subaru oil filters? FYI, the black Subaru version is made in Japan by Tokyo Roki, whereas the blue one is made by the American brand FRAM.

Who Manufactures Subaru Oil Filters

1. Black Subaru oil filters


The Genuine Subaru 15208AA130 metal-made filter is produced by Tokyo Roki – a Japanese company specializing in producing auto parts and accessories. You can easily identify this oil filter for Subaru by its signature black outer layer.

Compared to its blue counterpart, the black OEM Subaru oil filter is generally considered higher quality.

For instance, the black ones are less prone to leaking, can hold more oil, and have more filter media. In addition, they are designed to match your Subaru car’s oil pressure precisely.

2. Blue Subaru oil filters


What company makes Subaru oil filters in the USA? The blue Subaru, with its model number 15208AA12A, is manufactured by FRAM – a company based in America responsible for producing automotive replacement parts.

Prior to 2011, FRAM was owned by Honeywell, which is why you’ll see the name occasionally pop up when you search for Subaru oil filters. However, the brand has been acquired by Trico Group.

If you live in the USA or Canada, you’ll most likely come across the 15208AA12A model, as most dealers here no longer import the Japanese one.

  • Like the black version, the blue Subaru oil filter is considered an OEM part. However, it does not entirely resemble its Japanese counterpart. For instance, you can tell that the US model is thinner but taller than the Japanese one.
  • The new version of the famous Subaru oil filter consists of a filter made from cardboard material and a plastic pressure relief In the Japanese version, these parts are both made from metal.

Are Subaru Oil Filters Reliable?


If you own a Subaru vehicle, these oil filters are usually a good match for your car. If you can choose between the Japanese and USA versions, it’s always better to opt for the former, although it’s slightly more expensive.

That said, let’s review Subaru oil filters pros and cons to see if they’re the right choice for you.

  • Compared to other types, both versions are affordable, so you don’t have to resort to aftermarket parts (which typically have lower quality).
  • The implemented back drain valve in these filters can prevent dry-starts, which can score the car’s piston and bearings.
  • Can last for a long time.
  • The US version features a plastic valve, which doesn’t perform well in extreme temperatures.


Seeking information is a vital characteristic that every vehicle owner must possess. That’s the key to understanding and discovering vital automotive parts. With today’s topic of who makes Subaru oil filters, we were able to uncover their history and functionality.

We hope this piece today helped you analyze how reliable the Subaru oil filters are today.

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