Who Makes Supertech Oil for Walmart?

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who makes supertech oil for walmart

The usual answer to the question, “Who makes Supertech oil for Walmart?” is either Warren Distribution, Inc. or Warren Oil Company because of the WPP label on the oil bottles. However, that’s only partially true.

Looking into various sources and the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of the Supertech oils, there’s strong reason to believe that there’s more than one supplier of this Walmart oil brand.

You’ll discover below which other companies are believed to be Supertech oil suppliers.

Who Manufactures Supertech Oil for Walmart?

If you carefully read the back label of Supertech motor oil bottles, you’ll find that it doesn’t explicitly mention the manufacturer. It only states this: Manufactured in the USA with foreign and domestic components.

Check out below to know who makes Supertech oil and how can we identify those companies:

1. Warren Oil Manufacturers


As mentioned, most buyers find a WPP label at the bottom of their Supertech bottle. Forums say it means Warren Performance Product or Warren Performance Packaging, but which Warren?

Many oil manufacturers have the name Warren, and they’ve all been associated with Supertech:

  • Warren Oil Company: This is one of the largest lubricant manufacturers in the US and was founded by Irvin Warren in 1976. Some famous Warren oil company brands are Warren, Lubriguard, LubriGold, and Saxon.
  • Warren Distribution Inc. (now Highline Warren): In 2020, Pritzker Private Capital (PPC) acquired Highline Aftermarket Holdings, LLC and Warren Distribution Inc. Thus, the two are now known as a single company called Highline Warren, with synthetic oils as one of their many products.
  • Warren Performance Products: According to a forum, an actual company in Nebraska named Warren Performance Products also makes oil products. However, there’s little information on the Internet about this company.
  • Warren Performance Packaging: This company is based in Nebraska and deals with similar products to Supertech Oil (i.e., lubricants).
  • Warren Petroleum Company: Although this company primarily works with LPG and natural gas, several sources link it to Supertech oil.

Although some articles mix them up with each other, these companies are separate entities. They have different founders, establishment dates, and brand products.

Among these four, Warren Distribution Inc. is most likely Walmart’s primary Supertech oil manufacturer. Most of the brand’s MSDS files list it or Highline Warren LLC as a supplier.

2. Other Manufacturers Associated with Supertech Oil


Besides the Warren companies, these are the manufacturers associated with Supertech oil:

  • ExxonMobil: A source states that Exxon, the parent company of ExxonMobil (the producer of the famous Mobil 1), produced Supertech Oil before Warren Distribution.
  • Pennzoil: Pennzoil was a Pennsylvanian company but is now owned by Shell.
  • CITGO Petroleum Corporation: The MSDS of Supertech Heavy Duty 15W40 states that this corporation is its supplier.
  • Amalie Oil Company/Delfin Group USA: This source found Delfin Group USA, a subsidiary of Amalie Oil Company, as the listed supplier of a Supertech oil 5W30

It’s important to note that Walmart does not confirm all these projected manufacturers (including the Warren companies) as the maker of Supertech oil. They’ve all been theorized based on information on bottle markings, components, and MSDS.

3. Why Are There Different Manufacturers of Supertech Oil?

There are many proposed reasons why there are many manufacturers of this Walmart synthetic oil. First is proximity – the company might be tapping on nearby capable companies to manufacture Supertech oils in a particular branch or state.

Meanwhile, some state that the manufacturers are chosen to be blend-specific. Thus, while most Supertech oil blends specify Warren Distribution or Highline Warren as its supplier, some special ones, like Heavy Duty 15W40, came from companies like CITGO.

Moreover, the differences between the quality of motor oil brands are subtle. Thus, most customers can hardly tell even if the suppliers are variable.

4. Tips to Tell Who Made Your local Supertech Oil

Although the Supertech oil bottles don’t reveal the manufacturer, there are signs you can look out for to tell who made the oil you bought:

  • WPP label: As discussed above, a WPP at the bottom of the oil bottle indicates that a Warner company manufactures the oil. However, it’s difficult to confirm which one because none have claimed to put a WPP label on Supertech or any Warren motor oil
  • White rectangle: Another way people tell that a Warren company made a Supertech oil is through a white rectangle on either the front or back label. It may also have a QR code or number series, but sometimes it’s left blank.
  • Mobil1 cap: If you’re familiar with Mobil1, their caps are typically larger than Supertech’s. Thus, if you see a Supertech with larger than usual caps, they’re most probably from ExxonMobil.
  • Star with a ‘C’: Pennzoil products are known to have a unique mark at the bottom of the container. This mark appears as a star with the letter C inside.

Overview of Supertech Oil

1. What Is Supertech Oil?

Supertech oil is a synthetic lubricant mostly sold at Walmart. This brand has many blends or types. It is best known for its affordability, which many find surprising considering the incredible quality and performance it offers.

Pros of Supertech Oil

  • Affordable: Supertech oil is a cheap lubricant, as it is sold at only half the price – even less than half – of popular oils like Mobil1.
  • Certified: Independent bodies conduct Supertech oil analysis to see if they pass their standards that ensure good quality.

Supertech has received such from the American Petroleum Institute (API), International Lubricant Standardization (ILSAC) Advisory Committee, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and Dexos 1, which are all known to be stringent bodies that approve only high-quality products.

  • Dexos 1 certified: The remarkable thing about Dexos 1 certified oils is that in using them, you won’t have to fear your vehicle warranty getting voided.
  • Temperature-tolerant: Unlike some brands, Supertech oil maintains high quality even at extremely high or low temperatures. Its winter performance is even highlighted when compared to Amazon Basic Motor Oil.
  • Prevent buildup: Supertech oil helps extend your engine’s lifetime by preventing harmful buildup, like acid.

Cons of Supertech Oil

  • Not suited for new cars: Despite its certifications, Supertech oil is best only for older cars because it reduces friction too efficiently. More recent vehicles need some friction for optimal function, and with Supertech doing an excellent job at taking that, the two aren’t compatible.
  • Needs replacement frequently: Unlike some brands, you may have to top up or replace your Supertech oil earlier. Thus, although they’re cheap, you’ll spend slightly more because of the frequent replacements.

2. Supertech Oil Types


Supertech now offers various oil types to suit a broader range of engines and improve performance.

Based on Walmart.com, these are the most common types and their price ranges (per quart):

  • Full Synthetic ($4.04 to $7.97/qt)
  • All Mileage ($3.50 to $4.24/qt)
  • High Mileage ($3.40 to $5.38/qt)

3. Supertech Oil vs. Other Brands


Motor oil brands mostly have subtle differences from each other, so here’s a quick comparison of Supertech oil vs. other brands:

  • Supertech vs. Mobil 1: Mobil 1 is twice the price of Supertech oil, although they share the same certifications and are synthetic products. However, many find Mobil 1 better because NASCAR endorses it. Unlike Supertech, it is also recommended for non-conventional engines like sports cars.
  • Supertech vs. Castrol: Supertech shares similar certifications to Castrol, specifically from SAE. However, Castrol is more expensive and preferred by those who don’t want to change their oil often, as its lifetime is longer than that of Supertech.
  • Supertech vs. AmazonBasics: Both Supertech and AmazonBasics are cheap synthetic oils. However, many find Supertech to be better because it performs well during the winter, unlike Amazon Basics.

Alternatives of Supertech Oil

You can use Mobil 1, Castrol, AmazonBasics, Valvoline, and other oil brands as alternatives to Supertech oil. The differences between brands are subtle and mainly in the prices and additives.

What’s important, though, is that you are using the right type or blend for your vehicle so that you won’t cause any damage to the engine.

Moreover, avoid mixing oils. Although some sources say you can do so if the formulations are similar, you can never be too sure because different brands have varying additives that may react with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Supertech Oil Good or Bad?

Supertech is a good oil brand, with many reviews stating that its quality is comparable to popular brands like Mobil 1. To support such claims, Supertech is also certified by entities like API, SAE, and Dexos 1.

What Kind Of Oil Does Walmart Use?

Walmart offers oil change services through its Auto Care Center. They usually use Quaker State Oil as the oil replacement. However, they may use Supertech, Fram, or Delco for oil filters.

Is Supertech Oil Recycled?

Some forum participants claim that Supertech oil in Canada is recycled. However, there is no evidence to back such statements. Thus, you can assume that this oil isn’t recycled.

Why Is Supertech Oil Cheap?

Supertech oil is cheap because large distributors like Walmart can strike deals with manufacturers to obtain quality products at much more affordable prices. They also leverage their popularity to sell Supertech, avoiding excess marketing costs.

Does Brand Matter When Choosing Motor Oil?

If you’re using a car with a high-powered engine, like a sports car, the brand may matter when choosing a motor oil. Some units even specify a brand and blend. However, the differences are insignificant for most conventional and old cars.

Where To Buy Supertech Oil?

According to some sources, Amazon is another place besides Walmart where you can buy Supertech oil. However, as of writing, I cannot find any such products listed on the platform.


Who makes supertech oil for walmart? Supertech Oil has several manufacturers, although Warren Distribution Inc. is the leading supplier. Markings on the bottle, such as WPP or a rectangle, may indicate the specific oil maker. However, many give little regard to the particular maker.

That’s because Supertech oil has proven its high quality and performance, receiving high reviews and certifications from rigid bodies, such as API. Thus, even if there are differences between manufacturers, it barely affects most vehicles.

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