Who Makes Toyota Oil Filters? You Might Not Know!

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who makes toyota oil filters

Oil filters are essential to your car’s engine health as they help prevent impurities from contaminating the engine oil.

Even though they are one of the most popular oil filters, most people are unaware of who makes Toyota oil filters. So, we shall reveal it to you: Auto parts manufacturers Denso Corporation and Toyota Boshoku Corporation produce these oil filters.

Read on to discover more about the Toyota oil filter manufacturers and why the oil filter brand is popular among car enthusiasts.

Who Makes Oil Filters for Toyota?

Genuine Toyota oil filters are meticuloussigned to meet your Toyota’s engine and oil capacity needs.

They are tailored to fit seamlessly and optimize performance according to the model’s specifications while keeping the engine clean, reducing the wear of engine components.

Two companies are actively involved in the manufacture of Toyota oil filters. These are Denso and Toyota Boshoku.

1. Denso Corporation


Toyota oil filters are manufactured by Denso Corporation, one of the largest auto parts suppliers in the world. The company’s headquarters is in Japan, but it has other subsidiaries, including in Thailand, which explains why you might encounter Toyota oil filters labeled as “made in Japan” or “made in Thailand”.

It is, however, noteworthy to know that Denso is one of the companies that form the Toyota Group (headed by the Toyota Motor Corporation).

Besides oil filters, Denso also manufactures other auto parts like hybrid vehicle components, instrument clusters, airbag systems, spark plugs, climate control systems, and gasoline and diesel engine components. Additionally, Denso manufactures filters under its own brand name.

2. Toyota Boshoku Corporation


Another Toyota oil filter manufacturer is the Toyota Boshoku Corporation, also a company under the Toyota Group. The company specializes in manufacturing automotive interior systems, including oil filters.

Other components Toyota Boshoku manufactures include door trims, seats, substrates, carpets, headliners, and air filters.

3. Toyota Boshoku and Denso Collaboration

In 2005, Denso Corporation and Toyota Boshoku Corporation announced the opening of their joint filter manufacturing company in China, known as Toyota Boshoku Foshan Co., Ltd.

This collaboration aimed to meet a growing demand from automotive manufacturers worldwide. This China plant might explain why other Toyota OEM oil filters are labeled “made in China.”

Using the Right Toyota Oil Filter


Different Toyota vehicle models require different oil filters with unique item numbers, primarily due to variations in engine specifications.

To ensure optimal performance, it’s crucial to use the recommended Toyota engine oil filter specified in your car’s owner’s manual. This ensures compatibility with the temperature ranges, flow rates, oil pressures, and filter quality that suit your vehicle’s power train.

Following these guidelines should ensure approximately 7500 miles of service before needing a replacement.

Are Toyota Oil Filters Good?


Toyota oil filter brands are some of the best oil filters out there and are available at affordable prices compared to other oil filters.

Compared to others, such as Fram, they offer more quality and come at a lower price. Fram Extra Guard and Fram Tough Guard promise better protection. Still, on closer scrutiny, the Toyota oil filter has larger inches of filtering media than both.

The oil filter can perform exceptionally well compared to premium counterparts, such as the Mobil 1 oil filter, which costs almost triple the price.

So, they are great oil filters that perform well and come at a pocket-friendly price.


Seeing labels with different places of manufacture can leave you wondering who makes Toyota oil filters.

However, the oil filter manufacturers have different operation areas, which might explain the location inconsistency. But that is not to say there are no fake Toyota oil filters from unscrupulous manufacturers. Buy only from trustworthy auto parts dealers to be on the safe side.

Genuine Toyota oil filters from companies authorized by Toyota Motor Corporation are top-quality filters designed to offer maximum engine protection and performance.

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