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wireless locks when door opened

You may have encountered under the door lock settings of your vehicle “wireless lock when door opened”, and you have no idea of its function and purpose.

So what does it do? This setting is an automatic locking mechanism activated by a remote control or key fob. How will this function benefit us? Read on to know the details.

What is the Wireless Lock When the Door Opens?


This function works as a wireless door security mechanism focusing on automated locking within a certain range. It is not the locking mechanism by time-out.

It is transmitted by sending signals to the doors of your vehicle from your key fob through the use of a remote keyless system.

This can be accessed through vehicle customization under door lock settings for vehicles such as Lexus and Toyota.


This kind of feature provides safety and convenience to vehicle owners because of its automatic and contactless door locking.

Unlike the manual car door lock mechanism, the locks can easily be bypassed, which makes its safety and reliability questionable.

It locks all your vehicle doors even if the driver’s door is still open, giving you the assurance that your car doors are already secured.

It also automatically locks the vehicle’s tailgate as soon as it closes, making it quicker and easier to lock, especially if you are in a hurry.

How Does It Work?


By default, the feature of wireless lock when the door opens is turned on and can be toggled off depending on your needs.

As long as it is toggled on, you can lock an opened door from your key fob and even in your mobile phone that is capable of a digital car key.

If the lock is released, and you choose to open and close the door, the lock will re-engage.

What Are Digital Car Keys?

A digital car key can work as a wireless lock for door, which allows control your vehicle’s locks remotely through a handheld device like your smartphone.

Not only can it control the locks of your vehicle, but it also can start your car through the app from your car manufacturer.

An example of a digital car key app is the KeyConnect App, which can unlock, navigate, track your vehicle, and show your car’s status.

What is Auto Unlock by Driver Door?

Auto Unlock by Driver Door is a passive keyless entry whenever you approach your vehicle and are within the range to detect the key fob.

The “auto lock when walk away” function auto-locks the doors when you exit and leave your car as it has sensors that would tell that the owner is now away.

This is also applicable to Toyota car models. Toyota doors lock automatically the instant you walk away from your vehicle without needing to activate your key fob.

The same thing goes with unlocking the vehicle; as you approach your car door, it is automatically unlocked, given that it detects your key fob.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Auto Relock Timer Toyota?

The auto relock timer locks your door when the doors are not opened for a certain time frame after you unlock them.

For instance, the Toyota Hilux auto lock doors give you about 30 seconds upon unlocking it before it relocks again if you have not opened your car door.

How to Fix Toyota Camry Key Fob Door Lock?

If your door lock and unlock function is not working on your key fob, you may need to reprogram it or replace its battery.

It is best to check what kind of battery fits your key fob. Replacement of a damaged key fob can cost around $200 – $350.

Why Do My Doors Locked With Car Running on the Road?

This is for the passengers’ safety as it prevents anyone from accidentally opening doors while the car is in motion.

Remote 2-Press Unlock Toyota Meaning

It functions like a double-click method wherein, if you press the button twice, you unlock all vehicle doors. Pressing it once only unlocks the driver’s door.


Now that you have learned the function of wireless door locks, you can have the assurance that the automatic lock will secure your doors even if they are still open.

It also provides convenience to its users, since the automated locking mechanism saves you the time and energy to check each of your car doors if they are secured.

We hope that we provided useful information, which you can share with your friends who are also wondering about the wireless lock when door opened vehicle setup.

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